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If you haven’t stepped into the New Arbor Fit Club, now’s the perfect time!

With all the latest in:

  • Strength Equipment
  • Cardio Equipment with Personal TV’s
  • Personal Training
  • Shake Bar
  • Locker Rooms with Showers
  • Sauna
  • Tanning
  • Supervised Child Care
  • more….



Neftali N.

Great atmosphere, had everything I needed to get a great workout in this morning! The staff was courteous and made sure I had what I needed and provided a walk through of the facility.


Jennifer J.

Been a member for about 10 years and seen the place under different management. Been disappointed the past 2 years that it is very dirty- the equipment and locker rooms. Seems like this should be a given to clean the equipment?  I'm not talking wiping down after workout- there's is layers of dirt, dust and grime on the base of the cardio equipment. The classes and instructors are great, and nice they have childcare for drop in. Could be a great place if clean and updated!


Cara C.

Updated review: I'm disappointed to say that AFC has more of an interest in making money than in providing good, quality gym services. I signed up for AFC in December, and then AFC cancelled 4/5 classes I attended. The spinning instructor left the class for about 30 minutes to talk to some of the patrons of the class before. The owner was unwilling to make any sort of amendments to my contract.  Bye, AFC!


Ben C.

Went here for a while but decided it wasn't worth it. Used to be a Golds Gym and they took it private. I'd like to support the local place, but they don't put much care into maintaining their equipment. Every time I went, more electronics on the treadmills were broken. Some of the weightlift machines move rough - need oil.Kinda feels like they're just coasting with what they have and not investing anything more into the place.


ruth h.

A good set of equipment with a lot of choices but you better know how to use it yourself.  We've had a membership for 2 months and are still waiting for a "trainer" to call us and set up an appointment to go over how all the machines work. I've met with the manager twice now and his excuse is that a lot of trainers are on vacation during the summer.  Well, he should have told us that before we signed up.  We are 2 months into the contract and will cancel as soon as we can.  The equipment is good, the customer service stinks.


Todd F.

Whenever I visit Ann Arbor, I  go to this gym.   It's clean, it's got great equipment, and their staff is friendly.    During this trip home for the holidays, I bought a few training sessions and I was very pleasantly surprised with the knowledge and professionalism of my trainer.As noted in other reviews, this place used to be a Gold's Gym.   It still has all the Gold's equipment which still seems very new and in good condition.   The gym has a big yoga/work-out studio along with a bunch of spin bikes.  Overall, very good gym experience.   Enjoy your work out.


Emily E.

The manager of Arbor Fit and I have arrived at a mutually agreeable resolution to the difficulties outlined in my previous post.  It was handled expeditiously and fairly.  I have never used the equipment nor entered any classes, so I am unable to comment on the quality of those services.  The facility itself was clean, well lit and airy.


Anna D.

This review is for personal trainer Karin Ehrschwendtner.  She is amazing!  After I purchased a training package, Karin reviewed my current fitness level and goals with me.  She is very clear and honest about what it takes to get fit and stay fit; she is a competitive body builder herself.  The thing that blew me away about Karin is that she wrote up an excercise and meal plan alligned with my goals; I've never had a personal trainer do this for me.  The plan included 3 days of weight training, 14 days of various cardio activities, "Tips from your personal trainer,"  and a sample day's worth of meal plans.  She even gave me a recipe for "pancakes the healthy way." All this for an intro package of 3 sessions for !During one of our sessions I got sick (cold sweat, shaking, dizzy) and rather than pushing me harder, Karin suggested we stop the session; she gave me a replacement session which she did not have to do.   Karin is genuinely interested in your success and happiness and unlike trainers I've had in the past, a great communicator.


K D.

Good classes.  Not a lot of bells and whistles with this place, but a solid staple.  Just wish they'd maintain their equipment better.


Frank S.

It seems like they're cutting costs at the expense of the members.  No more keypads on the lockers, tanning is expensive, and if something breaks they do a half-hearted job of patching instead of replacing (example: the wooden spoon in the men's sauna cracked in half, and they stapled it together...metal retains heat guys).  All around it seems like the price of membership is higher than the average gym without any perks to justify this additional cost.


Holly P.

Best Zumba class ever. Nice locker rooms and facilities. Lockers have codes so you don't need to bring a lock.  Dig.


Roscoe S.

This gym has good equipment in terms of machines. However, there is one huge flaw of this gym- the grip area for the dumbbells is WAY too small. I use a thumb grip on dumbbells and I cannot fit my hand into these dumbbells, and my hands are not very big. They seriously need to replace all the dumbbells in this gym.

About Arbor Fit Club and Reviews
About Arbor Fit Club and ReviewsAbout Arbor Fit Club and ReviewsAbout Arbor Fit Club and ReviewsAbout Arbor Fit Club and ReviewsAbout Arbor Fit Club and ReviewsAbout Arbor Fit Club and ReviewsAbout Arbor Fit Club and ReviewsAbout Arbor Fit Club and ReviewsAbout Arbor Fit Club and ReviewsAbout Arbor Fit Club and Reviews