Errors that you are going to make when you want to lose weight

You are training as they have marked you in the gym, eating healthy and you can not get rid of those extra kilos. What mistakes are you making?

The desperate desire to achieve results is leading you to make mistakes that prevent you from improving. You need to be careful. Many of these failures cause us unexpected injuries and even serious health problems.

The Internet collects too much information about the fitness world and how to succeed with a diet or training. However, regardless of your goal (gain muscle, lose fat or simply find yourself better), there are certain guidelines you must follow to achieve it.

Do not pay attention to myths, they are myths. There is no magic, only the perfect combination of your habits (both nutritional and day to day).

I leave you my video about the mistakes we make the most when we propose to start living a healthy life.

I'll tell you how to get off to a good start

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