Personal Training

The Personal Trainers at Arbor Fit Club are educated and certified through many of the countries most respected organizations. A Personal Trainer will get you the results you want, getting you to your goal. A trainer gives you the progression and variety you need.

Get started today and get results!

Personal trainers provide benefits that you can’t find when working out on your own.

  • Motivation-A trainer provides structure, accountability and help you develop a healthy lifestyle.
  • Individualized program-Whether you have a special condition, injury, training for special event or personal goal a trainer will work with you providing a safe and efficient program enabling you to reach your goals.
  • Efficiency- Trainers help you focus and make your workout efficient, getting maximum results in minimum time.
  • You are new to exercise- A personal trainer is the ultimate fitness coach, they will introduce you to simple effective routines making you comfortable and confident with exercise.
  • Break through plateaus- For those of you who have been exercising for years but are stuck in the same routine, not seeing the changes you would like a personal trainer will get you a new routine, motivate you and get you the changes you want.
  • Workout Safely-A personal trainer watches and monitors you providing you feedback about your limits and strengths.
  • Lose Weight-One of the #1 reasons people get a personal trainer is to lose weight and get in shape.—why? Because it works!

For more information, or to get started with one of our trainers, contact us at phone at (734) 214-6426.

Personal Training