How much weight should you carry?

When we start the muscular trainings, one of the first questions we ask ourselves is: what is the appropriate weight that I should lift in each exercise? And we do not want to injure ourselves, but we want to give everything in our training, right?

There are many variables to take into account to know what weight is right for us. Let's see:

What goal do you have?

Depending on your goal, you should do less repetitions with greater weight or, on the contrary, more repetitions with a lighter weight. For example: you can do 50 repetitions of biceps with dumbbells of 2 kg, or 10 repetitions with 10 kg each dumbbell and end exhausted in both cases. However, in the first series you are training your resistance and, in which the load is greater and you make fewer repetitions, you are increasing the force or the power of explosion.

If your goal is:

  • Increase strength. Choose weights that allow you to do 3 to 4 series with a range of 8-12 repetitions correctly.
  • Increase the volume. Choose some weights that you can do from 4 to 6 sets of 5-8 repetitions.
  • Develop muscular strength and definition. Choose to take those pesos with which you can do about 15-20 repetitions. Do 2 to 3 series.


Find the weight that allows you to perform the whole series while maintaining the tension in the last movements. If the last 2 repetitions do not cost you, add weight. On the other hand, if it is very difficult for you to reach the number of repetitions in a series, or slow down a lot, the load decreases.

Learn the movement

First, before Try to find out how much weight you can lift, make sure you know how to make the movement with your own body weight. Because if you can not make a gesture correctly without weight, how can you do well with it? One advantage of this is that you can do the exercises at home. You can record yourself to be more sure that you use the exercise well.

Once you make sure you execute the exercise properly, you can add a little load to your training with the bar alone, without the disks. Keep in mind that there are bars of different weights, so if it seems too heavy, ask at your gym if they have less heavy bars. Concentrate on each repetition and you will add weight next time. Do not add weight until you feel comfortable with the movement, since, on the contrary, you would be more prone to injure yourself.

As for the weights - not the bar - it starts with about 3 - 5 Kg .

Make a previous warm-up

Before starting your training, do your warm-up routine. In this way the body gets warm and the nervous system and all the muscles are prepared for movement and for maximum effort.

Likewise, before performing each exercise, heat the muscle to exercise with less weight. For example: in squats, do the first set with only the bar; to the next series, add more load.

Do not be afraid that the weights are part of your life fit!

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