How to make a good squat?

If you like leg workouts as much as I do, I'm sure these lines will interest you. Today I want to tell you about the squat technique , known as a squat.

If you're looking for your legs and buttocks to train effectively without overloading in the lower part of the back or in the cervical area, pay attention.

The squat or squat is a very complete movement . In its execution are involved the muscles of the legs, buttocks and trunk muscles to keep us upright by holding the bar on the back.

Tips for a good squat


There are three phases in a squat: the initial position, the squat and the final position. Take note of the points that must be taken into account to carry out a good squat:

  1. Put the bar on the top of the back between the shoulders. So that the bar does not get stuck in the base of the neck, raise the chest and join the shoulder blades, this will give you support base for the bar. If you do not want to use a bar, you can use a disc, placing it in front of your chest.
  2. Place your feet outside the width of your shoulders and slightly open your toes.
  3. To perform the movement, bend the knees by moving them forward and slightly outwards, over the midline of the foot. This will create more stability in your knees as there will be more activation of the gluteus. At the same time bring your hips back and down without lowering your hips below the line of your knees.
  4. When you are in the deepest part of the movement, be sure to tighten your abs and keep your chest elevated with the elbows pointing to the ground.
  5. When climbing, gently stretch the legs and return to the starting position without making sudden movements.


Enter the squat in your routines of leg workouts and you will see how your legs will get stronger.

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