Myths of proteins of plant origin

When we talk about a vegetarian diet, one of the main questions that comes to everyone's mind is: "And proteins? Where do you get them from? "

If you are also a sports person, this concern tends to increase. But from here I say, that there is nothing to worry about. People who follow a vegetarian diet have no problem reaching their protein requirements, even those who are athletes. Today we have great examples of this, such as Frank Medrano, Robert Cheeke, Torre Washintong or Crissi Carvalho, among many others. They have shown that it is possible to be a vegetarian and to be healthy.

What are amino acids?

Most have been taught that meat is synonymous with protein. But without a doubt, meat is not the only source from which we can obtain it. When we hear about vegetable proteins, it is often said that they are of lower quality, that they are not complete. What does this mean? When we speak of complete proteins we speak of those that gather all the essential amino acids. These are those that the organism is not capable of synthesizing by itself and that we must obtain them from the diet. It is said that vegetable proteins are incomplete because many foods of plant origin have a lower amount of some of these amino acids.

 spoon with quinoa

Where to get protein?

There are plant foods that contain complete protein, like quinoa , hemp seeds or soy . There is also the possibility of combining foods to obtain vegetable protein of the same quality as animal protein. The most famous combination is that of legumes + cereal. Something as simple as lentils with rice, a salad of chickpeas with brown rice, vegetable burgers with chickpeas and oatmeal, whole-grain toast with hummus ... The possibilities are endless. Other combinations to obtain a complete protein are legumes + nuts, or cereals + nuts. One thing to keep in mind, is that it is not necessary to combine it in the same intake. You can eat these foods isolated throughout the day .

For those people who take protein powder to supplement their diet, they also have 100% vegetable alternatives on the market. The most popular are hemp, pea, rice or soy proteins. There are even some "mixtures" that combine different sources of vegetable proteins.

Vegetable proteins are not only good for our health, but also most are very basic and economical foods. So it's also good for our pocket. So if you are considering eating a vegetarian diet, or simply want to reduce your intake of animal products, do not limit your fear of not getting enough protein. With a varied diet based on foods of vegetable origin this is not a problem.

Vegetarian food

Do not know where to start? It starts on Monday. More and more people are encouraged to participate in "Monday without meat." A day without meat a week is a simple and safe way to have fun trying out new recipes.

From this space that gives me Fitness in Women, I will share with you some of my favorite vegetarian recipes

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