The best exercises to eliminate internal thigh fat


When we see well-worked legs, stylized, and that the part of the inner thigh does not rub against the other thigh, the first thing we want is to have those legs.

The rubbing of the thighs It is very common among girls. In addition, it is something that in summer, can become a real nightmare, right?

Normally, when we look for firmness and tone in the lower trunk , squats and lunges They are the two exercises that are not lacking in our routine. However, these exercises do not specifically influence the inner thigh, technically known as adductor. So, there are specific exercises to work the adductors in a very simple way.

1. Simple sweep Single-Sweep-sweep simple-inner thigh

Stretch on the left side. Half built-in, bend the right knee and place the foot on the floor behind the left leg. Now flex the left foot. Lift the leg as much as you can, and lower it without touching the ground. Do 25 repetitions per leg.

2. Heel pressure Heel-Press-pressure-heel

In the same position, raise the left leg about 2 or 3 centimeters from the ground. Flex the left foot. Bring the knee to the chest and then press the heel while extending the leg without touching the ground. Do 25 repetitions each side.

3. Combo Combo-internal thigh

In the same position, raise the left leg about 2-3 centimeters from the ground. Bring the left knee to the chest while compressing the abs. Next, extend the left leg forward, forming an L with the body. Do 20 repetitions per leg.

4. Ballerina lift Dancer-Lift-lift-dancer-thigh-internal

In the same position, raise the right leg towards the ceiling, holding it by the thigh, calf or heel, depending on the flexibility you have. Now raise the left leg straight towards the right leg. Repeat this exercise 20 times on each side.

You can do these exercises with your own weight, but if you want to see better results, I recommend you add weight with anklets. Also, add these exercises to your cardio workouts 5 times a week and watch your diet to see better results.

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