What are the benefits of yoga?

They say that when someone or something comes into your life, always does it for some reason , lasts a few moments or its duration is infinite.

Let's start with what the word yoga, "union" means, a very old discipline with Indian origin .

If you're thinking about starting to practice yoga, surely there are a lot of doubts that you would love to solve before getting into that class that your gym friend recommended so much to you, or that curiosity that you have every time you go through that yoga center on the way home.

Next to yoga, a universe full of sensations opened before me. It's one of the healthiest disciplines I know, to keep your body and mind in shape .

I found twenty-eight different types of yoga, but the What will sound more to you will be:

  • Hatha yoga . It is a softer type of yoga, recommended for those who want to start. This branch focuses a lot on the work of the interior.
  • Kundalini . Type of yoga more powerful, more dynamic.

Before choosing what type of yoga to perform, the ideal is that you try several types. You just have to listen to your inner , he will know how to give you the answer.

Breathing in yoga is abdominal . With this, what is intended, is to bring more oxygen to all muscles. This way your muscles will work much better and you will be able to relax in certain positions.

In yoga you work meditation and recite mantra. If you go to the gym, I recommend that you look for if they impart what I call, the yoga of the future, the body balance . It is a mixture of tai-chi, yoga and pilates, where the yoga positions are mainly worked. These positions follow a choreography accompanied by music that lasts three months.

Thus, it can be said that yoga focuses a lot on the work of the interior, having a more spiritual sense regarding a discipline very similar as can be the pilates .

The different positions in yoga are called asanas . Each of them has some properties and benefits for your body.

asana-yoga One of the things that I love about yoga is that you do not work with external loads , you work with your own weight. This was one of the things that hooked me.

I started practicing yoga, especially body balance, after being a mother. I was looking to recover soon and that's how it was. I not only felt how my body was recovering my forms, I felt more strongly and, something superimportant, felt a great inner peace .

When you do physical exercise, one of the things that one feels is the feeling of well-being thanks to the blessed endorphins (the happiness hormones) that our body segregates when we play sports.

Your core will be strengthened and, with it , you will feel how you can maintain a more upright position without effort.

How do you favor the practice of yoga?

  • Improve your circulatory and lymphatic system .
  • Along with breathing, you will give your cells a huge gift.
  • In short, you will feel full of energy and at the same time with a calmer mind strong>.

Yoga has given me balance, and not only at a corporal level, it makes me connect more with my interior. The feeling after finishing a session is incredible, I release accumulated tensions. In short, I get rid of any negative charge, either in my muscles or in my mind.

The power of this discipline is enormous.You must always do them in a gentle way, never force your body.

So look for a corner of your house and make it yours. Choose a mat that is comfortable for you to practice. You can also use a cushion to help you in certain positions. Put on comfortable clothes and place your laptop or mobile nearby. And now, you just have to go to my Youtube channel olgabrufitnes where I have lovingly prepared yoga sessions. We will start with exercises to get you started in this discipline that can bring you so many benefits.

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