What do I choose? HIIT or Crossfit?

The world of sports has been reborn and many variants of more or less duration have emerged . We had the Spinning boom, along with the Les Mills bet through their Combat or Pump classes. We currently have two disciplines in fitness that stand out above the rest: the Crossfit and HIIT , two work routines of high intensity . Today we show you some characteristics of both training sessions. This way you can have basic notions about what you are doing and which one can best adapt to your needs.

What is HIIT and the Crossfit?

  • Crossfit: is a high intensity functional routine . The realization of this type of sport requires mastery of each of the exercises. That is, the technique is one of the most important factors. Even so, the exercises are adapted to each person depending on their possibilities. For this reason it is important that the training is at the level of each person. Intervening factors such as: cardiovascular endurance, strength, flexibility, power, speed, agility, balance, coordination and precision.
  • HIIT: training based on the execution of explosive exercises interspersed recovery periods . Indicated especially for those people who are trying to lose weight . The routine HIIT challenges the heart rate and can be physically demanding, although it guarantees better results comparing it with other methods of fat burning. Many studies show positive effects of HIIT training on cardiovascular health.


What are the differences?

Both disciplines are of high intensity interválica with an approximate duration of 20 to 40 minutes involving muscular and cardiovascular efforts. Now, if we want to focus and make differentiations, we will define HIIT routines as cardiovascular and Crossfit routines as strength works.

Some people bet that the Crossfit could be classified as a variety of the well-known HIIT for its similar characteristics. What we can affirm is that the Crossfit has more variety of movements and exercises than the HIIT. So the difference between one and another is mainly in the amount of exercises that we can perform.

The rest time between exercises is different great difference between both disciplines. In HIIT routines, the sessions are set in short but very intense bursts of execution with a longer recovery period and medium intensity. Unlike, in Crossfit we can talk about different executions of the exercises: AMRAP, EMOM, By time and TABATA. In any case, the main purpose of the Crossfit is to perform the greatest number of exercises at maximum power .

What is really interesting comes from the influence that They have these routines in fat burning.By this we mean that obviously both exercises are favorable. However, if you have performed a strength routine previously, it is best to perform a HIIT session . This will be easier to combine, since its approach is mostly cardiovascular.

If, on the contrary, you are a Crossfit lover, and you want to add your routines in the training sessions, We recommend that you exclusively incorporate one or two sessions a week. Give it the priority and importance it deserves. The results will be more satisfying and you will be able to perform much more if you execute a Crossfit session independently .

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